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Evolving Ideas into Concepts and Solutions


Why Business Model Analysis?

Disruptive times can force an entrepreneur to look beyond and innovate. With business model analysis service, we enable entrepreneurs to drive growth and add value in the process.

Benefits of Business Model Analysis

Business models analysis often challenge the status quo in an industry and define a new way to create, deliver and capture value. Teams need to create, evaluate options, and gain a deep understanding of their business before committing significant resources.

  • Raise Startup Capital from Investors
  • Save the cost and time during the initial stage
  • Better management and Resource allocation
  • Refined business process
  • Future plans of how to grow profitably

How Can We Help your Business?

We can help you uncomplicate the process of defining and designing a robust and compelling business model for your firm. We will provide you the following components to make your business scalable and profitable:

Create, Deliver and Capture value with our Business Model Analysis Service

Ask Us How

While deciding the customer value proposition make sure you answer the following questions:

  • Does it meet customer’s need and/or solve a problem?
  • Provide them a reason to buy from you rather than your competitors?

The group of customers to whom your value proposition is being offered or should be offered. How many people are in each group, their willingness to pay, and the attractiveness of each group. It is also about the quality and quantity of the cooperation. The cooperation consists of suppliers, customers, complementors, competitors, etc.

Engaging customers who like your value proposition to buy the product at the price that is close to their reservation price without driving them away. The firm's pricing models directly affect the revenue model. Types of revenue model are advertising, brokerage, razor blade, subscription, etc.

Understanding what the firm has to do to increase the number of customers, increase the willingness of customers to pay, keep the price close to the reservation price while keeping the cost low. We can help you stem the erosion of revenue with different strategies like block, run, and team up.


Resources are what the firm owns or has access to, activities are what it does. Activities evolve the resources into value created and/or captured. The amount of value depends on the quality of resources, how much value is created from the resources also depends on the answers to the following questions:

  • Which activities are being performed to build and/or transform the resources?
  • Who performs the activities?
  • When it's performed?
  • Where they are performed?
  • How they are performed?

Business Model Analysis Process

To present a reliable competitive advantage, we use the following business model analysis process. It enables us to work with our client and systematically cultivate, adequately support and help you vividly manage your business.

Different Business Models for Specific Purpose

We do not just provide business model analysis and canvas, we bring innovation with rigorous brainstorming and add value in business models.

The firm uses existing capabilities they own, i.e.,value chain activities and underpinning resources. This type of business model innovation is such that existing businesses remain competitive.

The firm needs a new model to create and capture value. Products with the same business model remain competitive but the capabilities are entirely different.

Product/services rooted in the new business model render products in the old business model as non-competitive. The capabilities in both the business model are same but innovative business model outpowers the old businesses.

The core capabilities of the old business model is extremely different and are largely useless for the new business model. The rule of the game is changed both capability-wise and market wise.

Many business model innovations can start up as regular and can quickly move to capability building, position building, or revolutionary.


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