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Galvanize Your Strategic Ecommerce Development Ideas with our integrated set of services and solutions

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Leading ecommerce integrations to deliver future-ready online marketplaces

Payments gateway APIs integrations

Access essential payment functions like split payment, multi-currency payment, multiple payment types, etc., through best in class payment gateways, including Paypal and Stripe.

Shipping management APIs integrations

Generate shipping labels, track shipments, schedule pickups, and manage orders by integrating with best-of-breed shipping management APIs like Shipstation, AfterShip amongst others.

Tax management APIs integration

Get real-time sales tax rates at the state, county, city-level by leveraging top rated tax management APIs like TaxJar and Avalara or any other that meets your tax administration needs.

Accounting management APIs integrations

Have a real-time view of your accounts, easily create and send invoices, manage purchase invoices, and invoice in multiple currencies through integration with Sage and Quickbooks. .

Omnichannel inventory management APIs integration

Generate shipping labels, track shipments, schedule pickups, and manage orders by integrating with best-of-breed shipping management APIs like Shipstation, AfterShip amongst others.

Different ERPs integration

Establish seamless bidirectional communication with different ERPs leveraging the power of Dell boomi, IBM API connect and other purpose specific integration platforms.

Aesthetically appealing ecommerce experiences for creating a meaningful market distinction

Information architecture

We shape the data structure and navigation flow for efficient information delivery and smooth user journeys to help the user achieve the desired outcomes.

Concept prototyping

Our designers rapidly create interactive prototypes to articulate ideas in a tangible format and validate strategic hypothesis to build a solid foundation for your ecommerce platform.

User Interface design

We craft highly accessible, visually captivating interfaces with adaptive layouts for end-user facing digital channels (Web, Mobile) to ensure exponential growth with satisfied end-users.

User experience optimization

Using heatmaps, task analysis, session recordings, data from analytics, we deliver evidence-based design for maximum conversions.

Futureproof foundation for the enterprise ecommerce ecosystem

Custom ecommerce solution

Development and integration of custom ecommerce solution to your existing enterprise workflows to create a streamlined, bidirectional flow of information and remove the productivity sinkholes.

Customer relationship management

Integration of industry-specific custom CRM platform that pulls data from any workstream and consolidates it in a single window to build stronger customer relationships and improve marketing precision.

Content management system

Integration of custom developed content management system for rapid access to web analytics and traffic metrics and share it with other platforms in your enterprise network.

Ecommerce adoption strategy

We formulate a coherent strategy for ecommerce adoption, platform selection, key integrations, omnichannel experience, brand alignment and more, to maximize impact and deliver results faster.

An efficient, secure changeover to a new ecommerce platform

Platform migration plan

Our platform migration experts will audit your existing technology portfolio, most significant business cases and assess future rollouts to build a rock-solid migration plan.

Data migration

We exercise a parallel run and cutover approach for data migration and decommission the legacy application on go-live.

Post migration support

Through our exceptional customer support & extensive documentation equip you to manage your ecommerce business on the new platform long after the migration is complete.