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We keep users in the spotlight to design experiences that truly resonate with their unmet needs.


Creating Meaningful Experiences Through Growth Scaling UI & UX Design Services

TECHbly is a renowned provider of User Interface and User Experience Design Services and helps businesses create better experiences for their customers. Having years of industry experience in user interface designing, our dedicated UI/UX designers are well-equipped with the knowledge of the latest design trends and practices. Our team of designers excels at delivering aesthetically pleasing UX and UI designs that meet our clients’ vision and enhance their brand value.

How Our User Experience Design Services Benefit Your Business

Creative UX design connects with the user, enhances user-journey, improves user engagement, increases traffic and thus results in a high conversion rate. Here’s how we help you achieve your business goals through our UI/UX design services.

Improved Conversion Rate

A well-designed UI enables you to create seamless user-experience and fluid user-journey on the website or mobile app. Having a team of professionals with expertise in designing conversion-centric UX, we help you improve the conversion rate of your website.

Enhanced User Engagement

In a world brimming with choices, visitors usually have a short attention span. Therefore, your website or mobile app design must be captivating to retain the visitor until the completion of the conversion. Our designers focus on creating better human-computer interaction that enhances the user experience and hence, the conversion rate.

Brand Identity Building

A user-centric UX/UI plays a great role in building your brand identity. The website or mobile app UI design should convey your brand voice to the users. We offer unique & compelling UX/UI design ideas that incorporate your brand message to enhance the user’s connectivity with your brand. .

Customer Loyalty

With a trust-building UI design, you can easily develop a strong bond with your customers. Once the user feels attached to your brand, he/she would keep coming back to avail your services. We help you enhance customer loyalty by designing UI that has the power to engender trust in the user's mind.

Increased Revenue

Well-designed UI/UX of your website results in enhanced customer satisfaction, increased conversion, loyalty and subsequently retention. We apply a user-centric design approach to improve the rate of conversion which, in turn, leads to an increase in revenue.

Our Expertise in User Experience & User Interface Design

web application ux design

Mobile App UX

Our mobile app UX/UI designers hold years of experience in creating custom designs for Android & iOS mobile apps of various industries like e-commerce, healthcare, sports, banking, technology, luxury goods, logistics, etc. Having complete technical know-how of the changing design trends, our expert team of designers successfully caters to various design requirements of the clients & delivers quality results. We apply an industry-specific design approach driven by user requirements. Our designing process involves understanding clients’ business, their target audience, creating user personas, conducting UX research and following experience maps to create high performance and user-friendly designs

  • UX/UI Designs compatible with different app platforms. (Android & iOS)
  • Designs with improved personalization
  • Advanced Animation
  • 3D & Faux-3D designs
  • Use of AR/VR technology
Website user experience service

Website UX

We enable you to build stronger connections with your customers by designing an impactful user interface for your website. Our team of UI/UX designers has extensive experience in user experience design across different business verticals. From an online fashion store, food business, travel website to online grocery business and diamond trading marketplace, our designers carry experience across a diverse range of niches. We see your business through the eyes of your customers and enable you to create seamless user-journeys through thoughtfully designed UX/UI.

  • Interactive designs using animated illustrations
  • Designs that convey the brand voice and identity
  • Use of micro-interactions
  • Tried & tested design practices
  • Analysis & research-based UX designs

Do you want your website pages to impress & engage visitors?

Get the user experience upgrade for your web pages.

Every page has unique capability to convey ideas, engage visitors, and generate sales but only if planned with user experience in mind. Give your website pages the UX design upgrade to make them behave just the way you want. Select the type of page as per your requirement.


$ 200 / Per page

UX design upgrade for informative pages

  • Highly communicative pages
  • Engaging content & graphics
  • Attractive arrangement

*Content will be provided by client

Price Includes Responsive Design


$ 500 / Per page

UX design upgrade for engagement focused pages

  • For pages with critical sales information
  • 100% user engagement
  • Easy to navigate

*Content will be provided by client

Price Includes Responsive Design


$ 800 / Per page

UX design upgrade for conversion focused pages

  • Designs by UX & conversion experts
  • Improved rate of conversion
  • Increased lead generation

*Content will be provided by client

Price Includes Responsive Design

UX and UI Design Process

We adopt tried and tested methods to deliver faster and better results. Our expert designers apply a conversion-centric approach based on in-depth market research and analysis. We follow an agile process using the best design practices, latest design trends, advanced tools, and technologies.


Requirement Gathering

The very first step involves requirements gathering. Our team of designers interacts with the client to understand the client’s business, vision, design ideas, target audience, and requirements. The information gathered is then utilized to create user personas and define the use cases.


UX Research & Trend Check

Our designers then carry out UX research to understand end-users preferences. Also, in-depth market research is done to understand the latest industry trends and design standards


Wireframe Creation

The team plans an information architecture based on the UX research findings and creates wireframes. We use the best wireframe tools to make the design process fast and efficient.


Design Creation/PSD

After finalizing the layout, our design team starts working on the final graphics and creates the PSD(Photoshop Document). Also, the team shares design specifications with the development team at this stage.



The created PSD is then reviewed by Market Analysts to ensure that the designs meet the market standards.



The design in the PSD is implemented using HTML-CSS. The back-end architecture is developed at this stage and our designers make sure that various design elements like colors, shapes, animation, etc. are implemented in the right manner.



Once the design is implemented, it is taken through rigorous rounds of testing to remove bugs and ensure that the design is flexible and runs seamlessly on different devices.



After the testing work and design iterations are done, the final UX/UI design is deployed. The files are transferred to the client’s server and the website/app is made live.


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